Baggy Cap numbers

From season 2017/18, Dennis Cricket Club re-introduced baggy caps that would only be presented to First XI players in the order in which they are selected. Recognising that the club has had a long history but also that attempting to retrospectively award all caps would be an insurmountable task the club started it's numbering for the 2017/18 season.


The first 13 caps were put aside (a Full XI, plus 12th man and leaving aside superstitious 13) to be used to recognise legends of the past and are yet to be officially named. In the first cap presentation the order of assignment was based on length of club representation. All future matches with more than one debutante are determined by the batting order as named. All caps below are presented in order:


1. Unclaimed

2. Unclaimed

3. Unclaimed

4. Unclaimed

5. Unclaimed

6. Unclaimed

7. Unclaimed

8. Unclaimed

9. Unclaimed

10. Unclaimed

11. Unclaimed

12. Unclaimed

13. Unclaimed

14. Cameron Bath

15. Cameron Burgess

16. Joshua Palise

17. Hasaga Kumarage

18. James Sparrow

19. Vivek Dhankar

20. Theo Krokidis

21. James Kerse

22. Angus Green

23. Max Thomson

24. John Mastrogiannis

25. Matthew Smith

26. George Krokidis

27. David Mundy

28. Andrew Green

29.Robert D'Rozario

30. Matthew Davison

31.James MacRae

32. Fred Mastrogiannis

33. Michael DiBattista

34. Vihanga Kumarage

35. Torbien Barningham

36. Will Duncan